Definition of steatopygous in English:



  • See steatopygia

    • ‘This figure, now missing its head, is a masterful example of a rare type known as steatopygous, characterized by a fleshy abdomen and massive thighs and buttocks.’
    • ‘Until more historical work is done, possible relationships between cultural constructions of the sodomitical body and those of the steatopygous African woman will remain a matter of speculation.’
    • ‘A steatite figurine from the Amq plain,belonging to the early part of the Neolithic period, shows a seated woman of the steatopygous type so characteristic of the Stone Age.’
    • ‘She went on her way, her grass skirt swinging rhythmically, resembling one of those steatopygous statues in anthropological museums.’
    • ‘In the Paleolithic period, steatopygous figures may have suggested fertility, because of the necessity of certain levels of body fat required for procreation.’