Definition of stearin in English:


(also stearine)


mass noun
  • 1A white crystalline substance that is the main constituent of tallow and suet. It is a glyceryl ester of stearic acid.

    • ‘Palm kernel stearin and hydrogenated palm kernel stearin can be used to prepare compound chocolate bars or coatings.’
    • ‘By fractionation, various grades of olein and stearin are available commercially, enabling the food manufactures to select the properties they particularly require.’
    • ‘The proportion of stearin you will use depends on the effect you're looking for.’
    • ‘A compromise material was stearin - also known as adamantine from its resemblance to stone.’
    1. 1.1 A mixture of fatty acids used in candle-making.
      • ‘Revenue authorities are flummoxed by the huge spurt in imports of palm fatty acid distillates and crude palm stearin - raw materials normally used in soap manufacture.’
      • ‘Use 10% of stearin to wax when making candles.’


Early 19th century: from French stéarine, from Greek stear ‘tallow’.