Definition of steamed in English:



  • 1British informal predicative Extremely drunk.

    ‘we went out and got steamed’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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  • 2North American informal predicative Angry; upset.

    ‘I was steamed’
    upset, angry, annoyed, cross, angered, furious, enraged, in a temper, bothered, vexed, displeased, disgruntled, dissatisfied, indignant, exasperated, irritated, galled, irked, put out, aggrieved, offended, affronted, resentful, piqued, nettled, ruffled, in high dudgeon
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  • 3(of food) cooked by steaming.

    ‘steamed couscous’
    • ‘Then there are the inevitable rice and noodles dishes such as steamed rice, vegetable fried rice and dragon fried noodles and Chinese chopsuey.’
    • ‘Off-season, she likes Thai food with steamed rice.’
    • ‘Broiled fish, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grains all became a part of Giulia's new eating plan.’
    • ‘The Thai food came with steamed rice and a small jug of nam pla prik if the diner wants to ‘spice it up’ even more.’
    • ‘The steamed rice, tray of fruit and hot-sand baked potatoes were a freebie.’
    • ‘Blend broccoli with tomato purée, salt, pepper, chilly powder and sugar for an unusual sauce that tastes particularly good with steamed rice, baked potatoes or pasta.’
    • ‘One of the many ceremonies taking place involved people placing steamed rice wrapped in coconut palm leafs, called ‘kao tom hang’, into monks' alms bowls.’
    • ‘Some plans advocate cutting out dairy and wheat and sticking to home made soups, steamed vegetables, cooked pulses, brown rice and oats.’
    • ‘For the health conscious, we recommend one of the baked Indian breads or steamed rice with a side dish of choice.’
    • ‘Tradition calls for tea to be served, as well as dumplings and many a steamed dish.’
    • ‘Li says that shrimp dumplings, steamed meat dumplings, barbecued pork buns, and spring rolls are the four essential items of a dim sum meal and they must be eaten steaming hot.’
    • ‘Cut the butter into the steamed fruit and add to the flour, sugar and eggs in the mixing bowl.’
    • ‘It's easy to bake, being essentially a cake more than a steamed pudding, it comes with a spectacularly simple sauce, it freezes well and it reheats like a dream for seconds and thirds.’
    • ‘The gently spiced meatballs are lightly textured, served on a bed of couscous with steamed carrots, turnip and onion.’
    • ‘Le Provencal chef Jean Claude Rival recommends a simple side serve of steamed potatoes or rice with this traditional French dish.’
    • ‘The fried lamb-stuffed cake and golden steamed dough are a must.’
    • ‘Everywhere you look outside, there are turrets and spires, while inside the tea rooms serve Clootie dumplings (a rich, steamed fruit pudding).’
    • ‘It consists of plain steamed rice served with beef stew, salted eggs, fried beancurd, tempeh, cucumber, basil, mung beans and chili sauce.’
    • ‘For the main course we had beef with Chinese sauce, steamed garlic prawns, sea weed salad and beef tendon salad.’
    • ‘It came on a correctly pre-warmed plate with a baked potato, a selection of steamed vegetables, half a lime and a pepper grinder - no need to ask!’