Definition of steam turbine in English:

steam turbine


  • A turbine in which a high-velocity jet of steam rotates a bladed disc or drum.

    • ‘Fuel scarcity led Messerschmitt to experiment with simple steam turbine engines that used 65 percent coal and 35 percent petrol to deliver 6,000 horsepower.’
    • ‘Even in facilities that have the gas or steam turbine systems, there typically is a diesel-fired engine system to allow for slower starting times on the turbines and for maintenance rotation.’
    • ‘To meet these goals, Hong Kong will need to build dozens of wind turbines, power plants burning millions of tonnes of waste to drive steam turbines and " solar farms " covering several hectares.’
    • ‘She is propelled by steam turbines with 76,000 shaft horsepower.’
    • ‘The ship's propulsion system is based on two steam turbine engines each producing 50,000 hp together with four high-pressure boilers.’
    • ‘They included a steam locomotive, a hydroelectric turbine, a steam turbine, electrical power lines and an airplane.’
    • ‘What the crowd didn't know was that the plant's steam turbine had malfunctioned, forcing a shutdown before the ceremony began.’
    • ‘Energy conversion systems based on steam turbines, gas turbines, high-performance automobile engines, and jet engines provide the technological foundation for modern society.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the outline of the ship is still obvious on the seabed and the point of interest for me remains reasonably intact, a pair of steam turbines geared to the propeller shaft.’
    • ‘They would use renewable energy sources such as natural gas, diesel oil, bio-fuel and hydrogen to generate electricity with a steam turbine and any heat generated would be used to heat water.’
    • ‘The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency also said its probe would focus on the thickness of the wall of the ruptured water pipe that was connected to a steam turbine.’
    • ‘One blast hole near the steam turbine produced sharp slivers of steel on the outside, demonstrating how the powerful demolition charges cut through the hull like a hot knife through butter.’
    • ‘In large part this was because their efficiency in converting fuel to useable energy was low compared to piston engines and steam turbines.’
    • ‘Microturbines are variations on conventional gas and steam turbines, but they feature a combination of turbine and compressor produced as a single part.’
    • ‘Instead of vaporizing water to produce steam to drive a steam turbine, the CCLC process vaporizes propane to drive turbo-expanders in a sealed closed loop system.’
    • ‘Four units are driven by 10 megawatt steam turbines while two are motor-driven.’
    • ‘Technologies such as heat engines, steam engines and steam turbines in the range of 500W to 3000W are described as promising technologies.’
    • ‘Like all submarines in use by the U.S. Navy today, the Ohio class submarine is powered by a pressurized water reactor driving steam turbines to a single propeller shaft.’
    • ‘From the early 1900s, Parsons's marine steam turbine provided still greater speed and economy.’
    • ‘Typical applications include aircraft structural and engine components, steam turbine blades, offshore drilling components, marine components, and pumps and valves for the chemical process industry.’