Definition of steam tug in English:

steam tug


  • A tug that is powered by steam.

    • ‘The remains of a small steam tug, possibly WW II German, lie at 53m.’
    • ‘The Flying Buzzard is a 105 ft ocean going steam tug.’
    • ‘A 60 hp steam tug used in the building of the Smalls lighthouse was brought to Penzance for the project, and five 40-ton barges were bought for transporting the stone.’
    • ‘They were towed by large steam tugs.’
    • ‘Sailing barges, steam tugs and ancient fishing craft filled the harbour ensuring a magnificent spectacle for the ship's company of HMS Exeter.’
    • ‘But it holds no trace, no memory of what came and went: ships, goods, Cabot and Brunel; trips around the docks on the steam tug.’
    • ‘Sailing schooners were towed by steam tugs up the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers to Port Huron.’
    • ‘Here I could watch the steam tugs pulling barges upstream to Isleworth docks, and watch loaded barges from the flourmill being steered downstream by bargees working a huge tiller.’
    • ‘Also view from the quay the steam tugs Mayflower and John King, and see the replica of John Cabot's 15 th century ship Matthew.’
    • ‘Formed in 1834 to operate steam tugs and the local barges, they began a river passenger service to Totnes, Devon, in 1856 at the suggestion of the Duke of Clarence.’
    • ‘In 1968, the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads merged and did away with steam tugs, sending them to a yard in Staten Island.’
    • ‘Finally the Halcione was ready, a little steam tug towed it away from the bustling dock full of tearful relatives waving goodbye to their loved ones - perhaps for ever.’
    • ‘The Scottish Hero left Plymouth on the morning of the 19 th November in tow of a steam tug.’
    • ‘Towards the steam tugs yelping down the glade of cranes,’
    • ‘The 80-foot 110 year-old Alma, is the last of her type and, like the steam tug Hercules, she is maintained and sailed on special occasions by another team of volunteers.’
    • ‘Then, it seemed from out of the very wall of the cliff, a steam tug boat appeared, and finally we saw a large red flag.’
    • ‘Challenge was the last steam tug to serve on the Thames and spent her whole working life based on the river.’
    • ‘These boats were designed to be towed by either a horse or steam tug.’
    • ‘As we approached Ellesmere we came across Frodsham, a beautiful looking steam tug.’