Definition of steam table in English:

steam table


North American
  • (in a cafeteria or restaurant) a table with slots to hold food containers which are kept hot by steam circulating beneath them.

    • ‘Come closer, and note the absence of any conventional stovetops, closed ovens, deep fryers, or steam table.’
    • ‘I am sure those sandwiches were delicious, but heroes get soggy on a steam table, and the food becomes a gloppy mess.’
    • ‘The steam table has been replaced by a microwave, and now men shuffle in to buy Colt 45 each morning.’
    • ‘Iron chairs scrape across the floor, and the requisite fuzzy photos are posted both on the wall and across the glass fronting the steam table.’
    • ‘And it's hard to resist her Creole corn spiked with tomato and red pepper, the kind of thing that would make any steam table in town a little more terrific.’
    • ‘Food processing tables as well as steam tables, where titanium has been substitute for stainless steel, have been evaluated and results indicate superior performance and potential utilization.’
    • ‘There are also the traditional steam table restaurants which cook once a day and display their food at the door so you may see what you are getting.’
    • ‘The camera pans past the steam table as the kitchen staff serves out the food.’
    • ‘With a resealable bucket, the restaurant can get enough to fill a steam table or as little as one serving.’
    • ‘On weekends, this one doesn't have the steam table with three hot entrées and as many side dishes.’
    • ‘The steam table featured various choices, but I decided to go with the Joojeh Kebab - charbroiled chicken, served with potato and rice or half rice and half salad, which I went with.’
    • ‘The restaurant boasts a strange mix of food-court style seating and a steam table surrounded by nearly sophisticated dark tangerine walls, decorated with a smattering of pictures depicting life in India.’
    • ‘Beyond the dining room, the requisite counters, ovens, steam tables, and sinks filled the hotel's large kitchen, a room only slightly smaller than the dining room.’