Definition of steam power in English:

steam power


mass noun
  • Power that is applied to an engine by the force of steam.

    • ‘Yamabe Takeo set up a large-scale cotton textile factory in Osaka which used steam power for the first time.’
    • ‘By the early 1800 s, Evans' attention turned to steam power.’
    • ‘Once the dredge was on the bottom, the ship stayed on station all day, hauling the dredge slowly along under steam power.’
    • ‘Then came metal hulls and steam power, and the historical line of continuity was broken.’
    • ‘The first mechanical system to appear was steam power.’
    • ‘The Powerhouse Museum will be exhibiting a number of important pieces of technology, from horsepower to steam power.’
    • ‘In 1876, he also erected a large grain elevator with a steam power for elevating grain.’
    • ‘The claim they staked is to pilot the first motorized vessel to cross the Atlantic without oil or steam power.’
    • ‘Regulation alone, however, cannot explain the failure of steam power on American city streets.’
    • ‘The main drawback of steam power was its poor power to weight ratio, which limited its applications.’
    • ‘Railways and ships were still mainly steam powered into the 1950s, but the era of ' steam warfare ' was over by then.’
    • ‘They were also the first English coins to be struck using steam power.’
    • ‘Cream was carted from farms around to the creamery where horse or steam power turned the separator.’
    • ‘The firm was considered to be the first in the UK to use steam power for lithographic printing.’
    • ‘The spread of industry, or machinery, or steam power, or the factory system itself was erratic.’
    • ‘Privateering disappeared only when steam power ended the age of fighting sail.’
    • ‘After water came steam power and this engine is still in good working order.’
    • ‘Mines were capitalist, at least those that employed steam-power were owned by large proprietors or companies.’
    • ‘An incredible number of applications of steam power were rapidly invented.’
    • ‘It is significant that steam power upon roads required the abandonment of the usual highway.’