Definition of steam heat in English:

steam heat


mass noun
  • Heat produced by steam, especially by a central heating system in a building or on a train or ship that uses steam.

    ‘steam heat from cast-iron radiators’
    • ‘Finding information about steam heating systems and professionals experienced in steam heat is very difficult.’
    • ‘And, if you want love at steam heat, you could book the luxury penthouse suite Room One with stunning views over the Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey.’
    • ‘The explosion came while steam heat was being used to transfer about 6,500 gallons of wastes from the tank car to a tank truck.’
    • ‘There were also steam connections there, to provide steam-heat for the cars, for steam-tables in kitchens, and for cars with steam-activated air conditioning.’
    • ‘The latter is largely due to the fine grinding of the grain prior to pelleting and the use of steam heat, which is commonly used during the pelleting process.’
    • ‘The landmark hotel's rooms and nearby cottages retain their old-fashioned character, complete with steam heat (be prepared for clanking in the night).’
    • ‘The men could restore their strength and vitality by relaxing in the abundant steam heat that soothed the body, opened the pores, and induced perspiration.’
    • ‘To reduce reliance on foreign energy, municipal incinerators are tapped to produce electricity and cheap steam heat that fuel plant operations and heat public buildings.’
    • ‘But while steam heat was clean and comfortable, it was also temperamental.’
    • ‘To handle these containers on passenger trains a few old passenger cars were converted to flat cars still equipped with such features as steam heat and communicating air lines to allow them to operate with other headend cars.’
    • ‘‘The business portion is very well built, several nice four-story brick buildings with elevators, steam heat, etc., and the residences are pretty,’ he wrote.’
    • ‘Only the Car Dept. would connect and disconnect steam heat lines, which were referred to as the Barco, for its manufacturer.’
    • ‘Engines were utilized off way freights and through freights - anything with steam heat that would move this one-shot traffic in and out over the weekend.’
    • ‘These machines, which produce more applied surface pressure than conventional presses, are available in either steam-heated or steam-electric-heated versions.’
    • ‘The method has been shown to be well suited for materials that are heat stable, but that are sensitive to moisture, resistant to penetration by steam heat, or prone to radiation damage.’
    • ‘Geothermal energy comes from steam heat in deep Earth.’
    • ‘Even though the sun is already doing a good enough job, thank you, of raising your temperature this summer, your home theater could do with a little steam heat of its own.’
    • ‘The majority of the campus is warmed by steam heat, which is generated by burning coal.’
    • ‘For a specific comparison of costs to restore steam heat or complete the conversion to a hot water system, consult a licensed heating contractor in your area.’
    • ‘I loved that building, especially on winter mornings when the windows fogged up from the steam heat and the old pipes clanked and groaned.’


[WITH OBJECT]steam-heat
  • Heat (something) by passing hot steam through it, especially at high pressure.

    ‘this process steam-heats the grapes and juice before fermentation’
    ‘steam-heated milk’
    • ‘Before use the organic soil was steam-heated to kill fungi and weed seeds.’
    • ‘But I'd trade that feeling in an instant for the longing I feel from here: a constant yearning for those magnificent man-made canyons, where the streets are steam-heated by Con Edison and the subways never sleep.’