Definition of stealthy in English:



  • Behaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard.

    ‘stealthy footsteps’
    • ‘Out in the forest a steady rustling wind crept through the trees, stalking northwards like a stealthy cat.’
    • ‘We thought we heard the stealthy crunch of a boat beaching at midnight and footsteps climbing the cliff path.’
    • ‘Design changes, though small, will bring overall performance gains to the stealthy fighter.’
    • ‘It does not prohibit the use of surprise, ruses, or stealthy tactics to kill enemy personnel.’
    • ‘He planned his behaviour carefully, picturing to himself the stealthy movements, the alert senses that would keep him out of trouble.’
    • ‘The oak-panelled door closed almost silently, a stealthy shuzz followed by a click as it sealed the two men in the plush office.’
    • ‘All he would spare was the occasional stealthy glance to ensure that he wasn't going to look like a drenched rat at the end of it all.’
    • ‘Perhaps Hunter is taking revenge in a manner more stealthy than we can possibly comprehend.’
    • ‘Ironically, stealthy design also makes for a less efficient weapon of war.’
    • ‘The appeal of the watch to special forces and other stealthy killers is that it dispenses with the need for minute blobs of luminous paint.’
    • ‘I hear his soft footsteps, stealthy like a cat, stepping out of the bathroom, carrying the emptied tin bowl with him.’
    • ‘The future of naval warfare lies with small stealthy ships and submarines.’
    • ‘Rana had given me her little pen cam and permission to take stealthy little pictures in and around the funeral.’
    • ‘Guiromélans senses more than hears Balen's stealthy footsteps beneath the tables.’
    • ‘The stealthy footsteps of a cat crept down the edge of the lane and slunk away behind a stack of barrels.’
    • ‘And is it me, or is there something sinister and stealthy about that design?’
    • ‘Aircraft were first built of wood, then metal and now stealthy composites.’
    • ‘I spasmed awake as the team moved in, silent and stealthy as ninjas.’
    • ‘I heard its stealthy steps in my sleep, and in the dead city under the merciless sky, as I randomly searched for shelter and food.’
    • ‘The popular image of SEALs is as frogmen, stealthy Navy commandos who operate from the sea.’
    furtive, secretive, secret, surreptitious, sneaking, sly, skulking, slinking, clandestine, hidden, covert, cloaked, conspiratorial, under the table
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