Definition of stealthiness in English:



  • See stealthy

    • ‘Instead of staying stealthy for marketing reasons, though, the Kleiner partners say that the stealthiness is to avoid bad competition, because bad competition can destroy a market.’
    • ‘Jim stood on the starboard side of the bridge, as far as he could get from the struggle of the boat, which went on with the agitation of madness and the stealthiness of a conspiracy.’
    • ‘She must have the stealthiness of a cat to have made it to the kitchen and back without being detected under Melanie's nose.’
    • ‘Half submerged, crouched behind the existing war memorial and camouflaged within the terrain, it has an aspect of stealthiness.’
    • ‘Sea boats of the Type 45 will also be hidden behind removable panels to increase the vessel's stealthiness and they will be stored on both sides of the ship's aircraft hangar.’