Definition of steal someone blind in English:

steal someone blind


  • Rob or cheat someone in a comprehensive or merciless way.

    • ‘They better hang around and make sure that our databases aren't giving out private information, and that my employees and consultants aren't stealing me blind somehow.’
    • ‘Even as the bandits and kidnappers find creatively hideous ways of ‘earning’ a better living, we have among us corporate crooks who are stealing us blind.’
    • ‘I'd better get back on the floor before those raccoons steal me blind.’
    • ‘She will tell you how she watches your garden for you so ‘those bad hoodlum children’ don't steal you blind.’
    • ‘Her main modus operandi was to create a false sense of trust with unsuspecting employers and new friends, using the fake identities, and later stealing them blind.’
    • ‘They extort taxes from the rest ‘legally’ and steal them blind ‘illegally’, especially if the country produces cash crops, minerals or oil.’
    • ‘Still, almost every week, various baddies steal Jimmy blind and threaten to bring down plague.’
    • ‘I'm 88 years old, and he stole me blind over Social Security.’
    • ‘But again, the staff of the hotel didn't merely steal me blind.’
    • ‘The fear he inspires is not that he will steal you blind and corrupt your morals.’
    cheat, swindle, defraud, fleece, dispossess
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