Definition of steak au poivre in English:

steak au poivre


mass noun
  • Steak coated liberally with crushed peppercorns before cooking.

    • ‘Also, they bilingualize everything, even things that shouldn't be translated, like steak au poivre and croissant.’
    • ‘I could invite you over and have Natalie make her famous strawberry cream dessert or have Justin serve you his famous steak au poivre.’
    • ‘Isn't it nice to know that, even on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, you can still get a good steak au poivre and proper pommes frites?’
    • ‘Others stare blankly into the distance with the composure of condemned men contemplating their last plate of pommes frites and steak au poivre.’
    • ‘This isn't your steak au poivre with five different peppercorns, or cream, or mustard, or anything else.’
    • ‘Steak lovers have not been forgotten with options such as filet of beef Stroganoff, and tender filet steak au poivre.’
    • ‘Today I left the city of steak au poivre on the Eurostar after a successful few days celebrating Min's eightieth birthday.’
    • ‘Lunch might be salade niçoise or chicken Riesling; dinner sautéed skate beurre noir, duck confit or steak au poivre. ‘The thing we could never afford to get wrong,’ Riad Nasr says, ‘was the French fries.’
    • ‘The fun starts with the rib-eye, passes through the teriyaki and steak au poivre and moves on up to the T-bone, served with your choice of sauce, chips, salad and garnish.’
    • ‘I had heard praise for a salmon dish and salade niçoise, but I wanted a steak au poivre.’
    • ‘But such a practice might be akin to dining on steak au poivre with no appetizer, dessert, or piping hot espresso, preferably taken at an outdoor café.’
    • ‘You could say the same about the chicken croquettes, which are like long, gourmet chicken fingers, stuffed with rich deposits of mushroom and potato, or the steak au poivre, which comes with a pod of thick, crispy frites.’
    • ‘I don't care how badly the cow was treated if the end result means steak au poivre for dinner tonight.’
    • ‘Used mostly for cooking, not flavoring, the brined variety earned its culinary gold stars in a classic dish, steak au poivre.’


French, literally ‘steak with pepper’.


steak au poivre

/əʊ ˈpwɑːvr(ə)/