Definition of Steadicam in English:



  • A lightweight mounting for a film camera which keeps it steady for filming when handheld or moving.

    • ‘For the first time Clarke used the Steadicam to shoot the characters in long, continuous takes to give the impression of ceaseless motion and neurotic energy, a technique he used extensively in later films.’
    • ‘Again shot digitally, each version encompasses the action with a roaming Steadicam in one single take.’
    • ‘Cinematographer Tilman Büttner had to carry a specially modified Steadicam capable of recording up to 100 minutes of high-definition video on to a hard disk.’
    • ‘Yes, we'd all like to shoot on 16 mm, or work with dollies and tracks and Steadicams, but even if we can, that doesn't mean we must.’
    • ‘A combination of beautiful, sun-drenched, exterior photography and a omnipresent, floating Steadicam give the film a dreamy lazy feeling that continuously reinforces Cordier's state of mind.’