Definition of stay up in English:

stay up

phrasal verb

  • Not go to bed.

    ‘they stayed up all night’
    • ‘They, as usual, had stayed up to wait for her and they wanted to know if she had had a good time.’
    • ‘I have stayed up for three days and three nights calling the number and getting no results.’
    • ‘I read half the book in one night, and the next night I stayed up all night to finish it.’
    • ‘Barb consoled her and stayed up with her all night watching movies with the lights off.’
    • ‘I was getting excited about being a person who stays up late and hangs out for some night life.’
    • ‘Some bad habits such as staying up late and surfing all night on the Net were also factors leading to hair loss in young people.’
    • ‘One lady blamed the library for her sleepless nights, claiming once she has borrowed a good book she stays up all night till she finishes it.’
    • ‘After that I was a milkman's assistant which generally meant staying up all night and sleeping all day.’
    • ‘Having slept for most of yesterday, I stayed up all last night on the computer.’
    • ‘One night last week, 3 other female volunteers and myself stayed up quite late.’
    • ‘I was beyond tired, probably due to the fact that my mother had made me stay up all night waiting for Chris to get home.’
    • ‘He loves to play chess, often bringing his board with him on the bus, or staying up all night playing Eduardo.’
    • ‘He sleeps all day and stays up all night playing computer games.’
    • ‘We had dinner in a beautiful restaurant and stayed up most of the night chatting and getting to know everyone.’
    • ‘Alfie stayed up last Thursday night to witness the historical result.’
    • ‘I tried to stay up and watch the curling on TV last night but I got bored and went to bed.’
    • ‘If the producer wants to change the user interface at the last minute, it's the programmer who stays up all night making the change.’
    • ‘I'm staying up later and later every night just looking at weird things.’
    • ‘He gets more leg spasms during the night so he stays up gaming to take his mind off the pain.’
    • ‘We stayed up almost all night to write about it as it happened.’