Definition of stay-at-home in English:



  • attributive Preferring to be at home rather than to travel, socialize, or go out to work.

    ‘a stay-at-home family man’
    ‘stay-at-home parents’
    • ‘A stay-at-home First Minister would miss opportunities for promoting Scotland.’
    • ‘Great work from McKellar, who really is this country's stay-at-home comedic star.’
    • ‘In the real world, Skip is a stay-at-home father who cares for his children and takes care of the house chores.’
    • ‘I'm not sick enough to justify Iain leaving work, but if I weren't a stay-at-home parent, I'd have called in sick myself.’
    • ‘If you met a stay-at-home man would you date him depending on how hot he was?’
    • ‘Many stay-at-home dads complain about the conversational snubs and weird stares they get at playgrounds and school yards.’
    • ‘It's just fun to watch the culture of self-imposed female dependency get slammed, and to watch characters own up to how much they hate their stay-at-home lives.’
    • ‘The stay-at-home spouse sees the returning hubby or wife as a lifeline from permanent brain damage.’
    • ‘Shes not the only satisfied, expat stay-at-home spouse.’
    • ‘She also developed the sharp instincts of a stay-at-home wife.’
    • ‘I like being a stay-at-home dad who still works.’
    • ‘Less than two in 10 wanted to buy luxuries for themselves or their families, and less than one in ten stay-at-home Scots would spend the money on a holiday.’
    • ‘(Of course, both Tom and his stay-at-home wife recoil at the possibility that she may have to get a job.’
    • ‘I've met other stay-at-home moms, and we often exercise together and socialize.’
    • ‘In 1950, the typical family structure consisted of a full-time working father, who was the sole wage earner, and a stay-at-home mom.’
    • ‘Unlike many of the stay-at-home fathers, Rory seems to have a particular sense of ease about his time at home.’
    • ‘There is already a generous benefit in place for stay-at-home parents.’
    • ‘At times, being a stay-at-home dad has been devastating to my sense of self.’
    • ‘Hell, I don't even like parties very much—I'm more of a stay-at-home kind of guy, myself.’
    • ‘What's more important is that stay-at-home Dundonians have a renewed sense of civic pride.’


  • A stay-at-home person.

    ‘her son was a real stay-at-home’
    • ‘Absent ministers phone in from Tuscan hillsides as some hapless stay-at-home is left to carry the can.’
    • ‘Let me recommend here several intensely rewarding volumes for the summer traveler - or summer stay-at-home.’
    housewifely, stay-at-home, home-loving, homely
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