Definition of staurolite in English:



mass noun
  • A brown glassy mineral that occurs as hexagonal prisms often twinned in the shape of a cross. It consists of a silicate of aluminium and iron.

    • ‘Metamorphic xenotime and monazite were identified in 13 pelite samples that also contain garnet, staurolite, kyanite, quartz, ilmenite and micas, as well as in four sandstone samples.’
    • ‘Psammitic bands may also contain staurolite and garnet, and pelites contain the assemblage: Qtz + Bt + Grt + St + Ms + Chl.’
    • ‘Petrographical evidence establishes that peak thermal metamorphism produced largely random growth of kyanite, staurolite, biotite, monazite and xenotime that overprinted those fabrics.’
    • ‘This same rock is also the source for staurolite in Patrick County, Virginia.’
    • ‘The schist has been glaciated, resulting in exposed outcrop surfaces of 20-30 meters, studded with staurolite crystals.’
    • ‘A notable exception is andalusite-biotite assemblages in the Mulhacen nappe of the Nevado-Filabride complex, though even these are largely replaced by Alpine kyanite, staurolite and garnet.’
    • ‘The Burd Gol melange is also the most highly metamorphosed unit locally containing amphibolite grade staurolite and kyanite schists.’
    • ‘The monazite grains are located along fractured mica foliation planes that run along the base of larger metamorphic minerals (i.e. staurolite and garnet).’
    • ‘The sample contains the mineral assemblage garnet, staurolite, biotite and rare epidote.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the textural evidence implies that the main hydrous minerals in this rock, staurolite and biotite, largely predate garnet growth.’
    • ‘They have parallel bright shiny mica wrapping round large grains of pink garnet, brown staurolite, or blue kyanite.’
    • ‘Garnet occurs as euhedral porphyroblasts ranging from 0.5 cm to >20 cm in diameter and contains inclusions of plagioclase, ilmenite, staurolite and orthoamphibole.’
    • ‘Barrovian index minerals in pelites, such as kyanite and staurolite, are rare, and the mapping of isograds is largely dependent upon the mineral assemblages found in thin layers of calcareous psammite (calc-silicate pods).’
    • ‘These phases predate the main foliation, a well-differentiated crenulation cleavage that wraps around the porphyroblasts of garnet and staurolite.’
    • ‘The Stephens Creek Shear Zone contains a peak assemblage of garnet-plagioclase-staurolite-biotite, with staurolite overgrowing garnet.’
    • ‘Wing et al. suggested that cordierite or staurolite could play the same role as andalusite or kyanite in a monazite-producing reaction.’
    • ‘Sample C - 18 also contains traces of microcline and staurolite.’
    • ‘Initial monazite growth at staurolite facies conditions (c.525 deg C, Smith & Barreiro 1990) takes place during prograde conditions.’
    • ‘C-S fabrics and rotated staurolite porphyroblasts within the matrix schists suggest top-to-the-NE movement.’
    • ‘The petrological evolution of the shear zones indicates that either staurolite grew before garnet (in the case of the Thackaringa-Pinnacles Shear Zone) or, more commonly, garnet growth occurred before staurolite.’


Early 19th century: from Greek stauros ‘cross’ + -lite.