Definition of statistical mechanics in English:

statistical mechanics

plural noun

  • treated as singular The description of physical phenomena in terms of a statistical treatment of the behaviour of large numbers of atoms or molecules, especially as regards the distribution of energy among them.

    • ‘Immediately following the award of the degree he was appointed as a lecturer at Göttingen on the strength of his contributions to statistical mechanics as well as to the calculus of variations.’
    • ‘The form of H will be recognized as that of entropy as defined in certain formulations of statistical mechanics where p i is the probability of a system being in cell i of its phase space.’
    • ‘An important component of this methodology beyond that which is usually used in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics is the feedback loop that is constructed from the macro-scale back to the atomistic-level simulations.’
    • ‘It brought together experts in number theory, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and other areas of physics and mathematics to work on various problems centered on so-called random matrix theory.’
    • ‘Macklem states that we will not fully understand disease without using the tools of thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and complexity.’
    • ‘This section develops the statistical mechanics of equilibrium myosin-S1 binding to actin regulated by a continuous flexible chain.’
    • ‘His work in this field led him, in particular, to consider wind structure and temperature structure at high altitudes which could have been the catalyst for his later interest in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.’
    • ‘Some researchers have dismissed effective complexity as being too context dependent, or even subjective, but Gell-Mann disagrees, pointing out that similar judgements are routinely made in statistical mechanics.’
    • ‘These two types of energy landscapes have been studied in detail in the statistical mechanics literature and lead to strikingly different long time dynamics.’
    • ‘In statistical mechanics we start with the famous liter volume of gas, and the molecules are bouncing back and forth, and it takes six numbers to specify the position and momentum of each particle.’
    • ‘For Fisher, however, ‘chance’ implied the causal indeterminism of statistical mechanics.’
    • ‘He taught thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in a very elegant fashion.’
    • ‘In the later part of his career, Sommerfeld used statistical mechanics to explain the electronic properties of metals.’
    • ‘Actually, though, at this stage of the game the entropy of a system was not actually defined (later, when statistical mechanics was brought to bear on the problem, that was changed).’
    • ‘Jaynes also pushed the idea that statistical mechanics can be reformulated via Bayesian reasoning methods; this was a powerful idea, and is too complex to discuss further here.’
    • ‘Later, a key idea was appropriated from the theory of lattice models in statistical mechanics, and the final calculations involved transformations of hypergeometric functions.’
    • ‘The result is of fundamental importance in statistical mechanics and measure theory.’
    • ‘The techniques of statistical mechanics, it turns out, are well suited to the study of networks.’
    • ‘Mumford adopts a probabilistic approach, using techniques of statistical mechanics.’
    • ‘Appropriate time scales for the survival of statistical mechanics may be assumed by the fact that its basic concepts have not changed substantially for about 100 years.’