Definition of stationmaster in English:



  • An official in charge of a railway station.

    • ‘A phone call to the stationmaster saw the ball recovered and returned on the next down train - from Carlisle.’
    • ‘The clerks were under management services from 1950 to 1980, together with stationmasters and other grades.’
    • ‘Many policemen, stationmasters, teachers, church ministers and pastoral workers kept photographic records of their experiences in the north.’
    • ‘Coombs studied to be a student teacher, the only profession then available to the son of a railway stationmaster.’
    • ‘The timekeeper at the docks and the stationmaster solicited votes.’
    • ‘The 42-year-old is celebrating 20 years as volunteer stationmaster at Damems station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.’
    • ‘Outside mathematics he was the captain of the local Voluntary Fire Brigade and, more surprisingly, he assisted the stationmaster at the local railway station by closing the doors of the trains.’
    • ‘Technicians and stationmasters at Sri Lankan Railway took 48-hour strike action a day earlier halting 90 percent of rail services over the same issue.’
    • ‘When Brennan rides up to the way station, the stationmaster confesses that he is lonely out in the wilderness, and that being lonely is no way to live.’
    • ‘Fo grew up in a village on the shores of Lake Maggiore, near Italy's border with Switzerland, where his father worked as the railway stationmaster, clandestinely helping refugees escape from Italy's fascists.’
    • ‘During the war, while she was working at Holt station near Bradford-on-Avon, she used to deal with secret armament trains while the stationmaster went off to the races.’
    • ‘They were met there by a stationmaster in Sunday best and by a fleet of horse-drawn carriages from the estate.’
    • ‘John Fitzpatrick of Station Road, Ballybrophy, has retired after spending 37 years at Ballybrophy station where he was stationmaster.’
    • ‘The stationmaster announced that the track was fixed, so there were cheers all round.’
    • ‘The Haxby stationmaster telephoned to York for another engine, and in the meantime a goods train, proceeding from the direction of York, was stopped.’
    • ‘Children unable to go on to higher education were absorbed into the government sectors as postmasters, stationmasters, clerks and other white-collar jobs.’
    • ‘I grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and the police were people of great authority, and the stationmaster was a man with a position in the community, and teachers and doctors were well respected.’
    • ‘An incompetent stationmaster is posted to an apparently haunted station in Northern Ireland, where he and his equally inept assistants stumble across the activities of a ruthless gang of gun-runners.’
    • ‘Pandering to the great British obsession with train sets, here you not only play stationmaster but engine driver, yardmaster and route builder.’
    • ‘The stationmasters had computer consoles which they used to control the progress of this train when it appeared.’