Definition of station pointer in English:

station pointer


  • A navigational instrument that fixes a ship's position on a chart by determining its place relative to two landmarks or conspicuous objects at sea.

    • ‘Called a three arm protractor or station pointer, it was invented in 1801 by Joseph Huddart, a U.S. naval captain.’
    • ‘From Roberts in Isleworth I obtained a brand new grille and tuning scale, from another collectors pile of scrap radios a badge, another handle, and from an R23 which I bought for 99p, the four push button caps, the matching pair of rubber band trims and the 4 red station pointers.’
    • ‘After setting the legs of the station pointer to the right angles (adjustment is done with two verniers) it can be laid on a map showing the same objects.’
    • ‘Also known as station pointers, their unique capabilities account for their prevalence aboard ships that engage frequently in non-electronic coastal navigation.’
    • ‘Angular measurements are made using sextants, theodolites, quadrants and station pointers.’
    • ‘When Steve Ritchie joined his first surveying ship, sounding with lead and line and fixing the ship with sextants and station pointers differed little from the methods in use 150 years earlier.’
    • ‘Furthermore, alongside the photographs, there are actual examples of the weighted lead lines, sextants and station pointers that pre-date the electronic and acoustic environment that is familiar to present day sea surveyors.’
    • ‘The station pointer is a navigating instrument which can be used to plot ones position from three corrected compass bearings.’
    • ‘In order to use the station pointer, the instrument is first placed on the plan, the arms are opened to the two measured angles, and with the bevelled edges of the arms positioned on the three targets (three known points are needed for any resection calculation), the centre of the circle located the position of the station.’
    • ‘Anyway, some of the data pointers are limited to a certain number of bits, so for example the station limit cannot be increased without extensive work on other parts of the game to handle larger station pointers.’
    • ‘At block 356 the station pointer is loaded into the X register to find out what station is involved.’
    • ‘When doing critical work surveying dredged channels, there is probably a need for robust checks of the electronic data and no other method comes close to the precision of horizontal angles observed by a good-quality sextant and plotted using a proper station pointer.’
    • ‘He positions the station pointer on the chart and lines up the three arms with the objects ashore.’
    • ‘This lightweight station pointer is currently in use throughout the world.’
    • ‘Adding guard bands around the main station pointer variables, plus code to check for intrusion into those guard bands.’
    • ‘I'm happy because I was easily able to find the various network stations, but now I get to learn how to remap the guide station pointers.’