Definition of station hand in English:

station hand


NZ, Australian
  • A worker on a large sheep or cattle farm.

    • ‘Left with the memories of Mary's writings and Elizabeth's paintings, life has come full circle, with former station hands now the Aboriginal owners of the land.’
    • ‘The second of the 12 children of Henry Albury, ‘a good old Kentish yeoman’ as she afterwards described him, and his wife Harriet, Louisa was born near Mudgee, NSW, where her father worked as a station hand.’
    • ‘However, there were many station hands who preferred to shoot them on sight rather than take a risk.’
    • ‘I found out that the work of a station hand involves just about all aspects of hard work - mustering sheep, gathering wood and water, doing running repairs on houses and buildings.’
    • ‘In 1926 Bruce Chapman, a cameleer and station hand, had a large supply of rations pilfered at Mount Peake.’
    • ‘He also understood that there had been cattle-killing and threats of violence to the cattlemen, and that a long-term frontier-experienced station hand had been killed.’
    • ‘They would silently pass the camp of a group of drovers or station hands unnoticed except perhaps for the slight tinkling of camel bells.’
    • ‘Of those fifteen per cent who did have some experience many had only worked as farm labourers, gardeners, station hands, dairymen or bushmen.’
    • ‘Conditions at Angepena had greatly improved during the last few years and both the number of station hands and shepherds employed had increased.’
    • ‘This resulted in a large increase in the number of pastoralists, workers, shearers, drovers, station hands, wellsinkers, fencers, hawkers and travellers along the tracks between these northern stations.’
    • ‘Originally trained as an accountant, the Liberal candidate for Gaven in the 2004 Queensland election has also been a station hand on the family property.’
    • ‘He undoubtedly had a basic comprehension of the Anmatyerre language, which combined with ‘bush English’ allowed him to converse with and understand his wife and station hands.’’
    • ‘Samuel Pratt was offended by station hands joining unions and perceived this as leading to the breakdown of the ‘mutually advantageous’ master and servant relationship.’
    • ‘The other station hands, and Mounted Constable Ernest Cowle, never found Jacky's body, despite desperate searches with each day's shade temperature in the 40s - and no shade to be had.’
    • ‘But for station hands, managers, support staff and their families, the lifestyle remains rustic and dangerous.’
    • ‘When the job was done, they, and the station hands gave a ball in the woolshed in aid of the Shearers' Ward of the Children's Hospital in Adelaide.’