Definition of station black in English:

station black

(also station boy)


  • An Aborigine employed on a sheep or cattle station.

    ‘for years afterwards, station blacks remained anxious about their physical security’
    • ‘One young station black, accused of killing a friendly white, wept bitterly that the "devil devil" had got into him.’
    • ‘Now a station black, working cattle on a vast ranch, Jacky still had spells when civilization seemed just too complicated.’
    • ‘One of the worst massacres of 'station blacks' was to take place nearby just three years later.’
    • ‘The element of bluff, guile and counter-guile and hide and seek is strong on both sides, with the word getting out to the hunted group via a station black.’
    • ‘Some weeks later the police came back shooting still more natives whether guilty or not - we lost twelve more of our station blacks.’
    • ‘Pastoralists were less willing to maintain and support 'station blacks', who in turn found it more difficult to survive on 'bush tucker'.’
    • ‘In the south-west of Queensland station blacks arranged to have their dances and ceremonies coincide with local race-meetings.’
    • ‘In her reminiscences, Margaret Young told of her husband burying 'twelve more of our station blacks' following a Native Mounted Police visit to Umbercollie.’
    • ‘Back in '47 government made this place and shifted plenty of station blacks out ere.’
    • ‘'Station blacks' who move between stations now act as messengers of danger to the squatters.’