Definition of state trial in English:

state trial


  • A trial in which prosecution is made by the state.

    • ‘There was a reason for the presence of a federal agent at Johnson's state trial.’
    • ‘Following his climb-down in agreeing to cancel a mass meeting at Clontarf in 1843, he was convicted of seditious conspiracy in a state trial of 1844.’
    • ‘The case marks the first time in 20 years that the Egyptian government has organized a state trial of defendants charged with communist sedition.’
    • ‘The pharmaceutical company has already lost one state trial over the drug and won another, but it still faces about 7,000 lawsuits and analysts estimate its liability could reach $50 billion.’
    • ‘The reason I think this will be only a state trial is for what they call judicial economy.’
    • ‘The Court denied the state's appeal, effectively squashing the prosecution's hopes of yet a third state trial.’
    • ‘Patriarch Tikhon was deposed by the Living Church and his state trial was fixed for the spring of 1923.’
    • ‘Swan was acquitted of White's murder during a 1967 state trial.’
    • ‘Brown claims that there was insufficient evidence to convict him in his state trial, and that she has a federal Due Process Clause right to have her conviction reversed on these grounds.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, also in 2001, a New York state trial judge dismissed the New York Attorney General's public nuisance suit against the gun industry.’
    • ‘A jury in his state trial was deadlocked over a death sentence.’
    • ‘In 1994, the defendant, who had been tried twice in state trials that ended in hung juries, was convicted of the 1963 assassination of a civil rights activist.’
    • ‘A lengthy state trial was held: Smith, who readily accepted his guilt, was convicted and hanged.’
    • ‘At the state trial of radical leaders in 1794 the prime minister himself answered to a defence subpoena to give evidence in court on his former activities as a parliamentary reformer.’
    • ‘In this state trial, he was convicted of 161 counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of the other victims plus one victim's fetus.’
    • ‘And following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Zelman, a state trial court in Florida struck down that state's opportunity scholarship program under its Blaine Amendment.’
    • ‘The software vendor admits to no wrongdoing, but the deal mean that it escapes its first-ever state trial over business practices.’
    • ‘All the time, money, and turmoil of a state trial has yielded nothing.’
    • ‘The 1996 law severely restricts the ability of federal courts to overturn decisions in state trials.’
    • ‘News in brief tonight, an Oklahoma jury heard opening arguments today in the state trial of Oklahoma city bombing conspirator Terry Nichols.’