Definition of state machine in English:

state machine


  • A device which can be in one of a set number of stable conditions depending on its previous condition and on the present values of its inputs.

    • ‘GNU Bayonne 2 solves this by pushing the state machine into the core server and making it fully abstract through C + + class extension.’
    • ‘A memory control circuit for controlling a memory bus and a memory includes buffers, counters, data transfer circuits, and a bus arbiter having a state machine.’
    • ‘In addition, the analog-to-digital converter includes a state machine operable to receive outputs from the comparators and generate a digital output value.’
    • ‘A host interface block performs the interlace signaling, while the state machine handling the Task File operations is located in the Transport layer State Machine.’
    • ‘In order to be as flexible as possible, and not to limit the programmer to a set of predefined conditions, the packet-filtering engine is actually implemented as a state machine running a user-defined program.’


state machine

/ˈsteɪt məˌʃiːn/