Definition of state housing in English:

state housing


mass nounNZ
  • Affordable housing provided by the government.

    ‘the party's policy document reiterates its commitment to state housing’
    as modifier ‘the Government changed state housing rentals to market rates’
    • ‘She was appointed to continue its sell-down of State housing.’
    • ‘We are increasing the accommodation supplement to families who are not in State housing.’
    • ‘$60 million over 4 years has been set aside to accelerate the modernisation of State housing.’
    • ‘He does not have any State housing in his electorate.’
    • ‘Firstly, I shall look at increasing the supply of State housing, particularly in Auckland.’
    • ‘When National's leader was asked what his party's policy was on State housing, he could not remember.’
    • ‘Though market rents for families in state housing are being reversed, other adverse socio-economic factors remain.’
    • ‘We will continue to improve the state housing stock.’
    • ‘The social allocation system of State housing has ensured that nearly 98 percent of new tenants receive an income-related rent.’
    • ‘We now have multigenerational beneficiaries and multigenerational State housing tenants.’