Definition of state house in English:

state house


  • 1(in the US) the building where the legislature of a state meets.

    • ‘Not that mercy was a defining characteristic of Bush's six years in the Texas state house, when he put more prisoners to death than any other governor in modern US history.’
    • ‘He said he fully backed the NAACP's campaign in South Carolina to get the flag removed from the state house.’
    • ‘As is well known, he has presided over more than 130 executions during his tenure in the Texas state house.’
    • ‘Then we need to keep track of what those politicians actually do, when they get to the city hall, or the county assembly, or the state house, or Congress.’
    • ‘Everyone going into a state house, he asserted, ‘should understand that it is not a lifetime entitlement.’’
    • ‘The state legislature in Maine passed a similar resolution, as did the state house of representatives in Hawaii.’
    • ‘In the summer and fall of 2003, the Democrats and Republicans were locked in a protracted political struggle over who would control the state house in Sacramento.’
    • ‘Overseeing the Democrats is John Wertheim, a lawyer in Albuquerque; he replaces Joni Gutierrez, who quit to run for the state house from Las Cruces.’
    • ‘They fear a genuinely popular movement against the policies of the extreme right far more than a Republican takeover of the state house.’
    • ‘It was in this period that Paine began to develop plans for an iron bridge and exhibited a model of one at the Pennsylvania state house.’
  • 2NZ A private house that is owned and let by the government.

    • ‘It is disappointing to see that his design was modified beyond recognition, so that the houses are as bland as every other state house.’
    • ‘We say to people ‘you stay in a state house at 25% gross ’, and we're teaching them to be crooks.’
    • ‘And with 7000 Aucklanders on the waiting list, she wouldn't get near a state house of her own.’
    • ‘He said existing state house tenants who were paying only 25 per cent of their incomes in rent would be able to stay on the same basis and would not transfer to market rents.’
    • ‘The lifestyle that Key's children enjoy at their prestigious private schools and in the various houses their parents own is far from Key's upbringing in a state house in Christ-church.’
    • ‘Police acting on a tip-off from their counterparts in Tauranga converged on the former state house in Sedcole Street about 1am and smashed a window to gain entry.’
    • ‘It plans more state houses, rent-to-buy schemes, and home deposit assistance.’
    • ‘Yes, Labour has done some good things while in office - increased the minimum wage, reintroduced income-related rents for state houses - but they haven't done enough.’
    • ‘And why are so many state houses empty when some families are sharing houses?’
    • ‘Labour Party president Mike Williams defended fake eviction notices sent to 70,000 state house tenants, despite complaints to Housing NZ.’


state house