Definition of starveling in English:



  • An undernourished or emaciated person or animal.

    ‘a ragged starveling’
    • ‘But announcing the intention to send the starvelings back to what is loosely called their home is not a task that everyone would relish.’
    • ‘Swank convinces us of a peculiar combination in Maggie, a white trash starveling who's come to L.A. and trained herself onto the women's undercards of men's bouts: she feels she has nothing to lose and yet isn't at all downhearted.’
    • ‘Acton had been a starveling when Lombard had found him during one of his rare excursions to the royal city beside the ocean.’
    • ‘Truth, however gently expressed, cuts deep; cockroaches do not deter starvelings from the soup.’
    skin and bone, stick, scrag
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  • Lacking enough food; emaciated.

    ‘a starveling child’
    • ‘‘And Carmel, begun by starveling writers and unwanted painters, is now a community of the well-to-do and the retired.’’
    • ‘The redhead Susanna, scarlet-lipped, rose-flushed, and wrinkle-necked, contrasts with the starveling look of the foremost elder.’
    • ‘Yvonne catches sight of Macho Man P.J., instant ‘star’ of her starveling fantasy life.’
    • ‘So why would our own starveling country want two more of these vagrant landing-strips, whatever the asking price may turn out to be?’
    slim, lean, slender, rangy, willowy, svelte, sylphlike, spare, slight
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