Definition of starting post in English:

starting post


  • A post or other marker indicating the place at which a race is to start.

    ‘she was like a sprinter at the starting post’
    figurative ‘some schools and authorities were still at the starting post’
    • ‘Mr Scott began his journey as more than 1,200 runners from 14 countries lined up at the starting post of the annual Loch Ness marathon.’
    • ‘It has been a long and bumpy road to get here, but as far as Bradford councillors are concerned the Broadway shopping scheme - and with it the prospect of 3,000 new jobs - is now at the starting post.’
    • ‘A wondrous beginning for the Green Heights saw them almost leave their opponents at the starting post.’
    • ‘Playing ‘by the score’, Hérold's Zampa Overture springs into action, and his astute judgement of orchestral timbres in Thomas' Mignon even leaves Toscanini at the starting post.’
    • ‘Long before the appointed time for starting, namely seven o'clock, many hundreds of persons had assembled at the starting post near the site of the Westhoughton old factory, and there was hardly space for the ‘walkers’.’


starting post