Definition of starting point in English:

starting point


  • 1A place that marks the beginning of a journey.

    ‘it was the starting point for the long walk over the heath’
    • ‘The Pennine Bridleway National Trail has different starting points for cyclists and horse riders - cyclists are recommended to set out from Middleton Top where facilities, including bike hire, are available.’
    • ‘Cross the meadow and as you enter the trees again turn immediately to your right on to the track that takes you back to the starting point.’
    • ‘All too soon I was dropping down the road back to my starting point with the Talla Reservoir stretched out below me.’
    • ‘The protest at Merrion Square is expected to end at 2pm and the convoys will return their original starting points, again under Garda escort.’
    • ‘Stagecoach says that in the mornings, journeys will leave starting points later and arrive at the final destination at the usual time or earlier.’
    • ‘The harbour makes an ideal starting point for ferry journeys to the islands of Hvar and Korcula.’
    • ‘Entrants can choose from six different starting points - London, Oxford, Manchester, Sheffield, Derby and Birmingham city centres.’
    • ‘The Golden Mile is, again, a good starting point for evening entertainment.’
    • ‘For experts prepared to hire local guides - and hike up to the starting points - both areas offer fine off-piste descents.’
    • ‘It may not be in the Highlands, but it looks to the Highlands and is a great starting point for expeditions further north.’
    • ‘This brought me back to my starting point and also marked the end of my first day on the yellow brick road.’
    • ‘Now on a good track, again part of the Witton Weavers Way, we climbed over Darwen Moor and back to our starting point.’
    • ‘Simple answers will not do, and the hundreds of thousands of placards distributed at the starting points served to diminish rather than amplify the impact of the gathering of so many people on a single pretext.’
    • ‘It's a good starting point for a tour of the city's main sights, most of which can be comfortably visited on foot.’
    • ‘The boy racers congregate in one place, using it as a starting point to race through the town centre and back again.’
    • ‘Choose one of three starting points at Cleckheaton, Liversedge or Heckmondwike (former railway stations).’
    • ‘I'm staying near Kings Cross, so that could be an interesting starting point!’
    origin, source, root, germ, seeds, beginning, genesis
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    1. 1.1 A basis for or introduction to study, discussion, or further development.
      ‘it offers a starting point for negotiations’
      ‘choral music is a good starting point for beginners in composition’
      • ‘A good starting point for a discussion of this issue is the statement of defence.’
      • ‘This is the starting point for any discussion of the availability of exemplary damages in the modern law.’
      • ‘He uses the balance scale in the decision aid as a starting point to focus discussion.’
      • ‘Experts suggest using TV programmes, news items and the experiences of friends and relations as good starting points for discussion and many parents seem to be following their advice.’
      • ‘It gives new practitioners valuable starting points in developing communications for marketing, non-profit organisations, and sponsorship.’
      • ‘The starting point for this study was families in which two or more infants had died suddenly and unexpectedly.’
      • ‘Painting, printmaking, drawing, digital and lens-based media, 3D form and structure are the starting points for their creative journey.’
      • ‘The starting point for this discussion was a conference speech I made in September.’
      • ‘The starting point for the discussion within churches is their claim to form the body of Christ.’
      • ‘It is true that most blogs rely on already published media as the starting point for the discussions.’
      • ‘The starting point for the group discussion was some photographs of the research locations.’
      • ‘Whether profiled with a broad or fine brush, however, these case studies provide inspiring starting points for further investigation.’
      • ‘The inevitable starting point in any discussion of Celtic's deterioration is their age profile.’
      • ‘For kids who like science, it could even be used as a starting point for discussing how the eye works.’
      • ‘The labels liberal, mercantilist, and Marxian usefully describe three different analytical and moral starting points for the study of global economic relations.’
      • ‘It is important that we question these developments, and this book offers an excellent starting point.’
      • ‘This seemed a good starting point from which to develop strategies for resistance to trafficking.’
      • ‘When the story of The Village begins, it is the starting point of Lucius's journey on his own, and with Ivy.’
      • ‘Glossy pictures and even political cartoons can be starting points for discussions.’
      • ‘However, they should only be seen as a starting point for future development.’
      beginning, start, birth, inception, conception, origination, genesis, emergence, advent, coming, appearance, debut, arrival, dawning, rise, origin, launch, institution, inauguration, opening, initiation, onset, outset, unfolding, development, infancy
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starting point

/ˈstɑːtɪŋ ˌpɔɪnt/