Definition of starter kit in English:

starter kit

(also starter pack)


  • A set of articles or equipment providing the items and instructions essential for someone taking up a particular activity or starting a process for the first time.

    ‘a complete starter kit to get you going’
    • ‘Only those accepted at this stage will be able to purchase the starter kit, which comprises a PS2 network adapter, USB voice headset and a special online-only version of military action title SOCOM: US Navy SEALs.’
    • ‘The T3 starter pack costs £389.69 in the UK and €563.21 in Europe.’
    • ‘Did I mention that the other night I went into HMV and bought the DVD starter kit?’
    • ‘ has cut the cost of its broadband starter kit by £5.’
    • ‘The starter pack includes the Xbox Communicator headset (used for chatting to your mates online), a 12-month subscription to the Xbox Live service and special versions of two Xbox games, MotoGP and Whacked!’
    • ‘The starter kit, which consists of an adapter and two months of free Vonage service, used to cost $100 at the same stores.’
    • ‘Once registered your organisation will receive a starter pack with the training cards, multimedia CD-Rom, leaflets and posters.’
    • ‘Those attending the Westport seminar and later open an account with Delta Index will qualify for a free starter pack which includes an initial £50 bet, a free book on financial spread betting and a free workshop.’
    • ‘Working on commission the consultant is trained in by professional beauticians and is given a cosmetics starter kit.’
    • ‘Initially the girls were given cash but now the aid usually consists of a starter pack, including a cot, pram, baby clothes and toiletries for the woman to take into hospital.’
    • ‘Members also receive a starter pack with recipe folder, badges, tasting notepad and personalised baking flags.’
    • ‘There's an MP3 starter kit in the box too, comprising software, a spare cartridge, a 32MB SD card and an SD Card reader.’
    • ‘And, if you're into building cars yourself, Redline can provide a starter kit to which you can add your own custom components.’
    • ‘We came away with a Yamaha that was more or less a starter kit - extra strings, picks, an electronic tuner, gig bag, strap, and such included.’
    • ‘Now, I had already given her my iPod starter pack: 20 CD Roms with MP3s burnt onto them.’
    • ‘Given a one year grant for a housing project, provision of utilities and a starter pack for 30 young homeless people.’
    • ‘People interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch are given a starter pack and leaflets to post through neighbours' doors and gauge interest’
    • ‘A starter pack explains what information needs to be collected and recorded, and contains the forms which need to be completed after a dive.’
    • ‘As part of the WEN's campaign. ‘Taste of a Better Future’, she has written a downloadable briefing on how to grow your own food, as well as a starter pack for schools.’
    • ‘If you want to set yourself up with a snake, a hatchling starter kit will set you back about £70.’