Definition of starter home in English:

starter home


  • A compact house or flat specifically designed and built to meet the requirements of young people buying their first home.

    • ‘The starter home is now an apartment, as the three-bed semi is in decline, but there is still particular demand for houses.’
    • ‘Last Wednesday week, a Dublin estate agent spent the afternoon negotiating the sale of a starter home in the north inner city over the telephone.’
    • ‘It takes a typical first-time home buyer more than four years to save for a starter home, according to analysis by Curran's office.’
    • ‘Their friends and family can also help them get the tools, equipment and accessories to take their starter home to dream home.’
    • ‘These social shifts presumably have an impact upon the housing market, pushing property demand away from the family starter home and towards swish little childfree apartments in regenerated areas.’
    • ‘Jonathan, who farms cereals, potatoes, sugarbeet, strawberries and raspberries, says the cost of even a small starter home is unrealistic for people working in the countryside.’
    • ‘However it is ideal as a bachelor pad or as a starter home.’
    • ‘For those who could already afford a cheap starter home, but wanted to use the scheme to buy a bigger or better home than they could otherwise afford, there would be a problem, however.’
    • ‘But we are finding that young double-income couples want to live and stay here and are buying these flats as their starter home.’
    • ‘When you buy a starter home, you have to automatically think of moving up.’
    • ‘As a result, house prices have spiralled so that a starter home now costs £140000 while the average income in the area remains £21000.’
    • ‘Properties include a £1.1m Baghdad mansion, a £110,000 five-bedroom house in the capital and a two-bedroom starter home in Karbala for £67,000.’
    • ‘If a waiting room and separate restroom are an extravagance in a starter home or an apartment, they should be in the long-range plans of a successful studio.’
    • ‘Designed by architects Burke Kennedy Doyle, the apartments will be completed between autumn and Christmas and should attract interest from first-time buyers looking for a starter home.’
    • ‘Shannon Vale is geared primarily to those in search of a starter home and existing home owners with families reared and anxious to trade down.’
    • ‘The good news across most of the region is that their individual incomes are adequate or very close to the level needed to raise a mortgage on a modest starter home.’
    • ‘Recent surveys have shown that the disparity between wages and house prices in South Lakeland is so great that young people wanting to buy a starter home would need to borrow nearly six times their annual earnings to afford it.’
    • ‘Now a starter home in Mount Baker is around $200,000, she estimates.’
    • ‘I love what your design team has done with the modest starter home.’
    • ‘Professional couples who are buying a second-hand property jointly can afford to pay quite a bit more for their starter home, but Keating finds that they are very sensitive to stamp duty bands.’