Definition of start again in English:

start again

phrasal verb

  • Abandon what one is doing and make a new beginning.

    ‘while I was writing this essay my computer froze and I had to start again’
    • ‘I spent an age going over and over the same pieces, erasing the files and starting again.’
    • ‘Now I can sweep the whole episode under the carpet and start again.’
    • ‘Kevin guessed his family didn't know she had started again.’
    • ‘The only way to regain full speed is to stop and start again.’
    • ‘He should give all asylum-seekers currently here the right to remain, and start again.’
    • ‘Shields finally will get his chance to start again next fall with the Ducks.’
    • ‘To present ourselves to the universe in as pure a state as when we came in, and start again with a clean slate.’
    • ‘Simply read, its message is that time and tide must be allowed to wipe the slate clean, so everyone can start again.’
    • ‘The weekly jazz nights will start again in February next year.’
    • ‘But there's bad news too, as local supporters have to start again down in the fourth division.’