Definition of staredown in English:



  • 1A situation in which two individuals stare at each other, typically in a hostile or intimidating way, until one is no longer able to maintain eye contact and feels forced to look away.

    ‘he won his staredown with Matt’
    • ‘The amateur video shows the wild cats in a stare-down before they simply walk their separate ways.’
    • ‘The two got into a stare-down after the match was over, but nothing happened.’
    • ‘He offers humorous commentary on his epic stare-down with a bull in the middle of the road.’
    • ‘A minute feels like a real long time when you're getting the stare-down from an angry dog.’
    • ‘Her thick brows furrowed, changing into an intimidating stare-down tinged with contempt.’
    • ‘We had a stare-down for four or five seconds and then he took off.’
    • ‘He faced grizzly bears, had a stare-down with a pack of wolves, perpetually fought hunger and once went 50 straight days without seeing another person.’
    • ‘Flub it up or use it out of its context and you find yourself the subject of a withering stare-down.’
    • ‘It was a menacing stare-down caught by the army of photographers covering the packed proceedings.’
    • ‘The footage from showed the two locked in a steely stare-down.’
    1. 1.1 A confrontation between two parties in which neither side is prepared to back down.
      ‘both sides are urging quick action but offering no compromises in a political staredown that shows no signs of breaking’
      • ‘Even amid the nuclear stare-down, they always insisted that human rights be the first issue on any meeting agenda.’
      • ‘Both sides agreed to negotiate further, the first substantive talks since the stare-down began several weeks ago.’
      • ‘Both sides are urging quick action but offering no compromises in a political stare-down that shows no signs of breaking.’
      • ‘The result is a stare-down between companies and their customers.’
      • ‘In a high-stakes stare-down, he won a significant payout that administration officials did not want to pay.’
      • ‘The possibility of a tax may trigger a stare-down between industry and the government.’
      • ‘Days before a health care stare-down, the administration puts out its plan for the very first time.’
      • ‘We are going through a stare-down between buyers and sellers.’
      • ‘The panel does not back down in its stare-down with the government.’
      • ‘Some postal lobbyists have said that, given the stare-down over five-day delivery, congressional negotiators would be better served to seek a more modest agreement.’