Definition of starburst in English:



  • 1A pattern of lines or rays radiating from a central object or source of light.

    as modifier ‘a starburst pattern’
    • ‘I have two lovely old baking pans with a starburst pattern on them.’
    • ‘They had differently coloured typefaces, borders, a starburst filled with the word ‘victims’.’
    • ‘Fusarium ear rot may be accompanied by starburst patterns on the kernels.’
    • ‘But if you don't know what the flag looks like (red, white and green bars with a yellow starburst in the center), you wouldn't know the context of these images.’
    • ‘You will begin to see patterns and colours and starbursts.’
    • ‘Welders will this week attach 180 steel spikes, each 22m long, that will create the starburst affect.’
    • ‘It was a gold plated solid bangle with starburst patterns.’
    • ‘The patterns and motifs are highly complex, ranging from starbursts and amoebic shapes to flowers and birds.’
    • ‘They entered a cavern filled with green trees and brilliant starbursts of flowers.’
    • ‘The viewer was greeted by a starburst of white lines radiating from the center of a yellow, rectangular, floor-to-ceiling field.’
    • ‘Forest entomologists call this inch-and-a-half-long insect with starburst spots on burnished black wings potentially the worst ecological disaster North American forests have ever seen.’
    • ‘The walls were painted, the floors carpeted, the skylights covered with matching fabric, and the central ceiling made into a dynamic starburst of tricolored panels of glass called Afro Kaleidoscope.’
    • ‘The deftly rendered portraits of the latter two are surrounded by a starburst pattern of the sort seen in comic books.’
    • ‘Their black satin pants and jackets gleam in the sun, starbursts of acrylic colour flickering down each arm.’
    • ‘In the middle of the band was a large rectangular plate with a large glittering starburst.’
    • ‘Infected kernels may be pink or show a white starburst pattern radiating from the top of the kernel.’
    • ‘On that stormy day, however, she was wearing sky blue contacts with a starburst pattern.’
    • ‘Her eyes took on a deep rose hue, golden spokes radiating outwards from her pupils, creating an eerie starburst effect.’
    • ‘The relationships of species A and D haplotypes form a starburst pattern that is highly characteristic of a population expansion.’
    • ‘The plate was absolute eye candy, featuring the stuffed haunch at centre surrounded by a starburst of alternating green and orange purées.’
    1. 1.1 A camera lens attachment that produces a pattern of rays around the image of a source of light.
      as modifier ‘a starburst filter’
      • ‘He is also being asked about the starburst in one of the first images he captured.’
      • ‘Or opt for a rhinestone detail such as a starburst on the lower half of the lens.’
  • 2A period of intense activity in a galaxy involving the formation of stars.

    as modifier ‘a starburst galaxy’
    • ‘Pods strung on armatures and made into shapes that evoke crowns, starbursts and galaxies add human or celestial content and help the natural materials transcend their roots.’
    • ‘Hazy, hot, and hidden: dust-laden clouds at the centers of some galaxies may enshroud titanic starburst or baby quasars.’
    • ‘The density of stars makes the region in and around the Arches cluster a microcosm of what is likely occurring in starburst galaxies.’
    • ‘NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found new populations of suspected mid-mass black holes in several starburst galaxies, where stars form and explode at an unusually high rate.’
    • ‘On a grander scale, the new nebula observations could hold clues to star formation in distant galaxies, including so-called starburst galaxies, in which stars are forming like gangbusters.’
    • ‘Nestled among other starburst regions within the small galaxy, nebula NGC 346 alone contains more than 2500 infant stars.’
    • ‘Here the star formation rate may be higher, so these galaxies are called starbursts.’
    • ‘In both cases the galaxy is at a much lower redshift than the associated quasars, and is often disturbed in form or unusually active in showing starburst activity or in producing considerable radio emission.’
    • ‘Science fiction conjures up all manner of dangerous aliens and starbursts and quirky, mind-bending ripples in space and time.’