Definition of star sign in English:

star sign


  • A sign of the zodiac.

    ‘what's your star sign?’
    • ‘We don't believe in doing that stuff anymore but if you ever read your star sign in a magazine, even reading it with a sideways, sceptical glance, you are engaging in a latter-day form of oracle consultation.’
    • ‘Like your star sign, you are brave and prone to attacking people without remorse.’
    • ‘Great, I share the same star sign as Luke Skywalker.’
    • ‘My star sign is Aries, I was born on the 6th of April, 1982 in a hospital in Pune.’
    • ‘About a year ago, the Abbey National came up with a report which suggested that it was even worth finding out the star sign of a fund's manager as a method of choosing where to invest!’
    • ‘Lisa, who read little more than the problem pages and her star sign in the daily newspaper, teen magazines, and one or two of the Harry Potter books, felt she couldn't quite relate to Millie.’
    • ‘Participants had been given strict Internet instructions to meet at one of four city centre pubs - depending on their star sign - at 2.50 pm exactly.’
    • ‘She had always been in love with any kind of water, probably because of her star sign.’
    • ‘Currently Ian's investigating the touchy question of whether there is any scientifically evident link between your star sign and your personality.’
    • ‘And of course what people become most disconcerted about when they come out to Stonehenge, is to discover they're not the star sign they thought they were all their lives.’
    • ‘Whether the star sign of your employee really has any significant effect on the chances of him or her having an accident is an entirely different matter.’
    • ‘He incorrectly predicted my star sign, but then said he was more compatible with a Cancerian anyway.’
    • ‘Those born in the star sign of Virgo are also a bit flirty so she's dressing up for a purpose.’
    • ‘Or maybe their star sign was Aquarius, and the water was bringing out their primitive playfulness.’
    • ‘She's agreed to be interviewed because we share the same star sign.’
    • ‘I succumbed to the sudden and uncontrollable urge to tidy up; my star sign getting the better of me again.’
    • ‘Beat those nay-saying astrologers at their own game by changing your star sign!’
    • ‘But the real reason, she explains, is the fact that her star sign says she can't go back over old ground.’
    • ‘Benedict Arnold was born into a respected New England family in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, under the star sign Capricorn.’
    • ‘As for Julius, he turns 10 in November, meaning he shares a star sign, Scorpio, with both Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse.’


star sign