Definition of star sapphire in English:

star sapphire


  • A cabochon sapphire that reflects a starlike image resulting from its regular internal structure.

    • ‘The satellite has long intrigued planetary scientists, who were taken by Voyager images showing wispy terrain crossing one hemisphere of Dione that made it look like a star sapphire floating in space.’
    • ‘In the middle of the knot glinted a black cabochon star sapphire.’
    • ‘The next morning, Dominique dresses in Rory's pajamas and phones the police to tell them that her star sapphire ring has been stolen from his home.’
    • ‘About the size of a man's fist, it bore the malevolent form of a coiled cobra of gold, painted green and white, with two sparkling eyes of rubies underneath which was inset a huge star sapphire upon the serpent's hood.’
    • ‘Billy bought Valencia a star sapphire ring for their eighteenth wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘A faceted box of clear blue glass perched on the tenth floor setback gleams like a star sapphire set in the centre of this crystalline brooch of a building.’
    • ‘On the brooch in Plate II the chased gold mount in the pearling style is set with a star sapphire within a scrolling border.’
    • ‘I wear two rings - my Nana's wedding band on my left hand and a blue star sapphire that used to belong to my mother on my right hand.’
    • ‘The onyx and diamond one belonged to my grandmother and the star sapphire was my father's, but the others are all from Swallow.’
    • ‘She explained that a great, great ancestor of the Scottish clan from which they originated first wore a brooch containing the star sapphire now fitted into a lovely pendant - which she still wore about her neck.’