Definition of star fruit in English:

star fruit


  • 1

    another term for carambola
    • ‘If you don't know what a starfruit or zirzat is, this is your chance to delight your taste buds.’
    • ‘For those on a fruit diet, kiwi, rambutan, lichi, avocado, starfruit, durian, melon, pear, apple and orange, duku, Indian mangoes and jackfruit crowd the pavements of Serangoon Road and the side roads of little India.’
    • ‘We made dinner, which consisted of sausages, salad and fresh fruit basted lightly with maple syrup that we grilled; it turned out very nice, even the starfruit.’
    • ‘They make the best jams with the bananas, the papaya and the starfruit.’
    • ‘At Cedar House you get not only the farm's own just-roasted coffee but an array of delicious tropical fruits like apple bananas, starfruit, and cherimoyas - all grown on the farm or very nearby.’
  • 2A small European plant with tiny white flowers and six-pointed star-shaped fruit, found in or close to shallow fresh water.

    Damasonium alisma, family Alismataceae

    • ‘Two years ago, only one Starfruit (Damasonium alisma) plant flowered at the site in Black Park Country Park, Buckinghamshire, but a recent survey has revealed that almost 100 of the aquatic plants are now thriving in a specially-built pond.’


star fruit

/ˈstɑː fruːt/