Definition of stapedial in English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • attributive Relating to the stapes.

    ‘the stapedial artery’
    • ‘No sulcus for a stapedial artery can be clearly identified on either specimen.’
    • ‘The stapedial artery originates as a dorsal branch of the second aortic arch and is a part of the carotid artery system.’
    • ‘Other features of the basicranium are also advanced, such as the fully ossified tegmen tympani covering the facial canal, and the lack of a stapedial branch of the internal carotid artery.’
    • ‘The stapes has neither a columella nor a stapedial foramen.’
    • ‘Gregory interpreted Phlegethonia as fossorial, based upon the highly ossified braincase, forward position of the jaws, large round stapedial footplate, and low neural spines, which it has in common with amphisbaenids.’
    • ‘In Kojima's study, stapedial abnormality was seen more commonly than other ossicular dislocations.’
    • ‘Further assessment of the stapedial status will be made at the time of tympanoplastic surgery.’
    • ‘Neurologic disorders that cause objective tinnitus include palatomyoclonus (repetitive rapid contractions of soft palate muscles) and idiopathic stapedial muscle spasm.’
    • ‘The primitive condition in carnivorans/carnivoramorphans is believed to be one in which the stapedial artery branches off the internal carotid.’
    • ‘The embryonic hyoid artery arises from the cephalic aspect of the internal carotid artery to form the stapedial and caroticotympanic branches before subsequent regression 15.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin stapedius (denoting the muscle attached to the neck of the stapes) + -al.