Definition of standing on one's head in English:

standing on one's head


  • With no difficulty at all.

    ‘I could design this garden standing on my head’
    • ‘Hawkins could knock this sort of thing out standing on his head, which he probably did.’
    • ‘Anyway what I missed was Italian and it is grammar day and we're doing stuff I could do standing on my head in a tornado, so, I'm not worried.’
    • ‘Owen can do this kind of thing standing on his head, while balancing a cage of turtledoves.’
    • ‘‘I played a part in it which I could do standing on my head but it is still a small part in a big film,’ he recalls.’
    • ‘I applied for the post and I remember that, on the phone, I said that I could provide no paperwork to prove my qualifications but that I could do the job standing on my head.’
    • ‘I read the script and thought I could do the character standing on my head.’
    • ‘Both of them are part time and to be honest I can do the Librarian stuff standing on my head, plus they would give me 1/2 a day off each week for my class work so it wouldn't be that hard - I've worked numerous jobs at one before.’