Definition of standing joke in English:

standing joke


  • Something that regularly causes amusement or provokes ridicule.

    ‘we used to tease her about it and it became a standing joke’
    ‘it was a standing joke that if he walked into the office the phone would go’
    • ‘Asda spokesman Nick Agarwal said it was a standing joke that men left Christmas shopping to the last minute, which meant their partners were often disappointed.’
    • ‘There's a standing joke in the town: if you're looking for a singer-songwriter, just yell ‘waiter!’’
    • ‘Far from being unaware of NHS Scotland's dire performance, it has become a standing joke in Whitehall - outshone only by the performance of NHS Wales.’
    • ‘For a while it was really annoying; now it's become a bit of a standing joke between us.’
    • ‘A standing joke among British and Irish racegoers is that the best method of picking the winner is to go for a French horse that you had never even heard of until a month ago.’
    • ‘And neighbours, who asked not to be named, said it was a standing joke that washing had been left hanging outside for so long.’
    • ‘One of the standing jokes through this book is Yanofsky's terrible track record.’
    • ‘It used to be a standing joke among the military: the British army could not start the battle until Kate Adie was on the front line.’
    • ‘Has the world's most powerful country become a standing joke?’
    • ‘Me and Jim agreed that he looked like a little monkey - it was a standing joke between us.’
    • ‘There was a standing joke on the set that when Karel said ‘excellent’ you knew he was going to do a lot more takes.’
    • ‘The standing joke in Liverpool was that we had more ex-Labor councillors in the council chamber than official Labor councillors.’
    • ‘It's a standing joke that the more morphine I took, the more visually exciting it got.’
    • ‘That last bit is a standing joke aimed at her mother.’
    • ‘It's a standing joke among the president's top aides: who gets to deliver the bad news?’
    • ‘I have gift wrapped your article for him as we have a long standing joke going about his baldness.’
    • ‘It is a standing joke that parking attendants are the most reviled creatures in our society.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the target date for completing the digital conversion, 2006, continues to be seen as little more than a standing joke in the industry.’
    • ‘Among many of my friends it has become a standing joke.’
    • ‘The long standing joke among high level quantum mechanics physicists is that if anyone ever says they understand quantum mechanics, they just don't understand quantum mechanics.’
    figure of fun, object of ridicule, dupe, butt, fool, joke, standing joke, everybody's fool, stooge
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