Definition of stand pat in English:

stand pat


North American
  • 1Stick stubbornly to one's opinion or decision.

    ‘many ranchers stood pat with the old strains of cattle’
    • ‘IBM, along with Intel Corp., is one of the few standing pat.’
    • ‘Depending on your viewpoint, the acquisitions boom can be taken as a positive demonstration that the industry is not standing pat as it doubles e-media bets already in place on fast-growing newspaper online operations.’
    • ‘They screamed during the offseason for free-agent signings and other roster improvements while Reid largely stood pat.’
    • ‘Two AFC South stalwarts that stood pat this offseason in the free-agent department figure to let it all hang out as they always do.’
    • ‘In short, North Korea stands pat on its position that the whole issue has been ‘resolved.’’
    • ‘Even as an increasing number of Latinos, Asians and trade unionists defected to the Republicans, blacks stood pat with the Democrats.’
    • ‘And the Senators pretty much stood pat with the powerhouse team of last season that came so close to the Stanley Cup finals.’
    • ‘With their own costs still growing at 7.5%, however, employers can't afford to stand pat.’
    • ‘Arizona, with a payroll already stretching the club's resources to a budget-busting level, opted to stand pat, which is not a bad decision.’
    • ‘Tibco Software hasn't gotten to where it is - at the top of the heap of vendors of enterprise application integration software - by standing pat.’
    • ‘Obviously no one will ever know whether or not the White Sox, if they had stood pat, would have caught the Indians, who went on to win the division title and the A.L. pennant before losing the World Series to the Florida Marlins.’
    • ‘While other food companies in recent years have scrambled to slash costs, Nestlé has stood pat, insisting that robust sales growth was its top priority.’
    • ‘The Seahawks are standing pat on offense and turning over five positions on defense.’
    • ‘The dollar's drag could worsen if central banks in the U.S. and euro zone cut rates while the BOC stands pat.’
    • ‘Last spring, they stood pat at the March trading deadline with a lineup that finished with the best record in the Eastern Conference - and then were dumped unceremoniously in the first round of the playoffs by the bankrupt Penguins.’
    • ‘The most likely scenario is for the team to stand pat with its top pick, or perhaps slide back a few spots as it did in 2001.’
    • ‘With baseball's best record, the Cardinals elected to stand pat at the trade deadline.’
    • ‘The decision to stand pat highlights the lack of coordination between the BOJ and the government to pull the world's second-biggest economy out of recession.’
    • ‘Baltimore stood pat in free agency, not signing a free agent other than those on their own roster.’
    • ‘The Titans also chose to go heavy on defense, standing pat on offense.’
    • ‘Bears They stood pat on defense but revamped their offense - especially if you include the return of injured quarterback.’
    • ‘The Bruins opted to stand pat on their coach and shuffle players like so many playing cards.’
    • ‘Problems like these, the CENTURY concluded, would not be solved ‘by standing pat on the traditions under which the present absurd inequities have grown up’.’
  • 2(in poker and blackjack) retain one's hand as dealt, without drawing other cards.

    • ‘The Capraesque ‘normal’ person stands pat with his neighborhood investment club while the financiers of Manhattan, driven by imaginary fears and wild superstitions, panic and flee.’
    • ‘Likewise, if your No.2 wideout is set to face tough defenses in three consecutive weeks, don't stand pat and take that kind of scoring hit.’
    • ‘Eleven of his 14 picks are in the final four rounds, so it's unlikely Wolf will be able to move up more than a position or two in the first round - so he'll likely stand pat at the 14th pick and take the best defensive end.’