Definition of stand on one's dignity in English:

stand on one's dignity


  • Insist on being treated with due respect.

    • ‘‘Wet people,’ she declared, ‘cannot stand on their dignity.’’
    • ‘If these dignitaries are going to stand on their dignity they'll be history.’
    • ‘He replied that he didn't stand on his dignity but that he needed some notice in order to respond to such matters.’
    • ‘First, the Lord Advocate stood on his dignity and solemnly intoned that such an idea was an affront to his independence as a law officer charged with the duty of deciding who to prosecute without fear or favour.’
    • ‘He stood on his dignity, told me I was a superficial clown and that he wanted no more to do with me.’
    • ‘We know he stands on his dignity, but do we know what, if any, policy the Labour Party has.’
    • ‘But the sad truth is that the people who are most desperate to work are the least likely to stand on their dignity.’
    • ‘He stood on his dignity and demanded an apology.’
    • ‘Malice, impatience and contempt were unknown to him; he would never take offence or stand on his dignity.’
    • ‘Accuse someone of being a liar and it's almost guaranteed to put the nastiness of any debate up another level and require people to ‘stand on their dignity.’’