Definition of stand oil in English:

stand oil


mass noun
  • Linseed oil or another drying oil thickened by heating, used in paints, varnishes, and printing inks.

    • ‘Mix stand oil with turpentine or white mineral spirits to improve the flow of your oil colours.’
    • ‘A distinction is therefore made between stand oils with low and high viscosity.’
    • ‘Use stand oil combined with linseed oil for an excellent solvent free non-toxic medium to mix with your oil paints.’
    • ‘Linseed oil and stand oil are by far the most used by painters.’
    • ‘The primary characteristic of modern stand oil and the older sun-thickened oils is a self-leveling property that makes paint flow.’
    • ‘To valorise all the stand oils derivatives from linseed, castor and tang oil.’
    • ‘The combination of stand oil and Venice turpentine will give a thick, resinous medium with enamel like leveling properties.’
    • ‘Linseed stand oils are produced by the controlled polymerization of refined linseed oil at high temperatures.’
    • ‘We use traditional methods of ink manufacture using dry pigments, linseed stand oils and triple roll ‘ink grinding’ mills.’
    • ‘One of the other most beneficial properties of stand oil is that it drys to an enamel-like film, smooth and free of brush strokes.’
    • ‘The nonaqueous media include linseed or stand oils, dryers, varnish, alkyds, molten wax, organic solvent-based acrylic, epoxy, stains, and lacquers.’
    • ‘Why do air bubbles develop when I mix my oil paints with my glazing medium of turpentine, damar, and linseed and stand oils?’
    • ‘Puncture the yoke; mix stand oil in drop by drop stirring into emulsion vigorously.’
    • ‘A student is studying the polymeric material from different types of oil, including fresh pressed linseed oils and stand oils made by Leslie Carlyle or obtained from a commercial source.’
    • ‘Use of linseed oil without the combination of stand oil is not recommended.’
    • ‘Sun-thickened and stand oils have very different characteristics and are made in different ways.’
    • ‘Alkyd resin differs from stand oil in that it is so highly polymerized that there is solvent in the fluid to keep the chains of molecules apart.’
    • ‘I filled it half with stand oil and added 2 drops of the dryer.’
    • ‘They are low viscosity and may be thickened with stand oils or thinned with solvents, as desired.’
    • ‘The only thing I would like to mention about linseed versus stand oils is that linseed does a pronounced yellowing quality as the oil ages.’