Definition of stand in the way of in English:

stand in the way of


  • 1Prevent (something) from being achieved.

    ‘the two fall in love and resolve to let nothing stand in the way of their happiness’
    ‘never let the facts stand in the way of a good story’
    • ‘I decided that no injury or illness was going to stand in my way.’
    • ‘I get a chance to interview them on today if the rain doesn't stand in our way.’
    • ‘She has never let budget constraints stand in her way.’
    • ‘Many a difficulty stood in our way, but the worst was the food shortage.’
    • ‘I have learned that all of us have the ability to achieve great success despite the obstacles standing in our way.’
    • ‘I remember thinking to myself, if I let this person stand in my way I'll never get to my goals.’
    • ‘He's determined not to let anything stand in his way.’
    • ‘Any new fan who inquires further into the obstacles he met will I hope be shaken to the core by the venomous snobbery that stood in his way.’
    1. 1.1 Prevent (someone) from achieving something.
      ‘he never let anything stand in his way’