Definition of stand (or turn) something on its head in English:

stand (or turn) something on its head


  • Completely reverse the principles or interpretation of an idea or argument.

    ‘a book that turns the accepted view of modernism on its head’
    ‘punk had turned pop music and its attendant culture in its head’
    • ‘In Asia, a debate about the importance of Asian values got underway, with the state-business elite turning the liberal idea on its head, and arguing that individualism and pluralism actually negated economic success.’
    • ‘You can turn that argument on its head if they are appointed as an interim government in the first place and begin to exercise some level of executive power, which at present they're not doing.’
    • ‘Betting exchanges turn that principle on its head.’
    • ‘This novel bravely turns that idea on its head, and in doing so reinvigorates our perceptions of the North American continent.’
    • ‘In turning this idea on its head - protagonist escapes prison unchanged - the thrilling element of this trilogy turns out to be a lesson in the necessity for change and how quickly life's certainties can disappear.’
    • ‘But turning this argument on its head, it is also true that never before has it been so clear that the alliance is making its significance, its military and its political weight, dependent on the contribution from the United States.’
    • ‘But there is also the option to turn this argument on its head.’
    • ‘Equally so, the argument could be turned on its head and we could ask the mobile phone companies to prove that these masts are not harmful to people's well being.’
    • ‘We would turn that argument on its head and say that, to a small firm reliant on trade that has been built up probably over a number of years, the impact of the riots was costly and disruptive to their business.’
    • ‘Where meaning and significance are traditionally associated with language and representation, these moves turn that idea on its head.’