Definition of stand (or stay) the pace in English:

stand (or stay) the pace


  • Be able to keep up with another or others.

    ‘a sprinter will never stand the pace with a distance man’
    • ‘It is often useful for the prosecutor to find out whether the prosecution witnesses can stand the pace of a High Court hearing or a District Court jury trial hearing.’
    • ‘They look tough and strong and possess abundant stamina to stand the pace.’
    • ‘There's no doubt the group will continue to produce challenging and provocative work - after all, they've managed to stand the pace pretty well, so far.’
    • ‘Cushnahan reckons he has stayed the pace, winning the seat three times with an increased vote on each occasion.’
    • ‘But East had the extra commitment, fire and speed that helped them stay the pace, withstand the pressure and finally run out worthy winners.’
    • ‘Never ones to quit, they stayed the pace even when colleagues wanted to go home.’
    • ‘All ages joined in on Saturday although rumour has it that some of the younger ones couldn't stand the pace.’
    • ‘We were able to stay the pace, to meet them head-on in the tackle and to carry the ball to them.’
    • ‘I'm 33, and it's getting more and more difficult for my body to stay the pace.’
    • ‘Get the right job here and, providing you can stand the pace, you could soon be very rich indeed.’