Definition of stamping ground in English:

stamping ground

(North American stomping ground)


  • A place where someone regularly spends time; a favourite haunt.

    ‘they fear that rich trendsetters will encroach on their favourite stamping ground’
    ‘it was my old stamping ground’
    • ‘Lynch played for Colac last year - on Saturday he kicked seven goals at his old stamping ground.’
    • ‘He was back in his old stamping ground, Bankstown, in Sydney's south-west, to help celebrate the city's 25th anniversary.’
    • ‘Cliff was delighted to be back on his old stomping ground and to be greeted by so many people.’
    • ‘This area too was the stomping ground of the earliest inhabitants of the peninsula - the Khoi-San hunter-gatherers, ‘strandloopers’ who foraged a living from the sea.’
    • ‘The previous month, June, they played three venues in Spain, a favourite stomping ground of Dervish since their epic album ‘Live At Palma’ recorded in Palma de Majorca.’
    • ‘Most everyone has a favourite watering hole, a place they flag as their stomping grounds, where preference can extend to the ambience of the room, the company of fellow drinkers, the way a beverage is prepared.’
    • ‘In pursuit of developing a set of ‘place’ poems, based on my old stamping ground in Wales, I'm doing some lightweight research on the old Bardic poetic forms, just skimming over the material.’
    • ‘They will then lead the team out alongside England captain David Beckham, who will be making his first appearance at his old stamping ground since his move to Real Madrid.’
    • ‘You feel that, if she could have returned, she would have instantly recognised her old stamping ground.’
    • ‘His favourite stomping ground was the Zoo Lake, and for years, 19 to be precise, he delighted the Sunday crowds with his impromptu performances.’
    • ‘Then it was over the bridge and back along the coast road to our old stamping ground.’
    • ‘Comic poet John Hegley returned to his old stamping ground last night to kick off the annual Bradford Book Festival.’
    • ‘When Emanuel does have time to enjoy his surroundings, he takes long walks along the nearby beach, studiously avoiding the golf course, the regular stomping ground of business types.’
    • ‘Each year a few birds are heard calling in sites away from their main stomping ground - the islands off the west of Scotland and the northern isles of Orkney and Shetland - and it is these birds the RSPB is keen to hear about.’
    • ‘Lambert is expected to win his 40th cap on his old stamping ground and was also looking forward to seeing old friends.’
    • ‘In a series of interviews and archive footage it recounts how the two strived to save their remote wilderness stomping grounds from hydro-electric dam projects by taking pictures and showing them to the masses.’
    • ‘Newtown and Chilwell full-forward Brendan Parker kicked five goals for the victors before making an impressive speech about returning to his old stamping ground.’
    • ‘The guys were clearly loving playing in Wellington, their old stamping ground, and there were plenty of familiar faces from the scene a few years back.’
    • ‘Easter was spent relaxing away from the bustle of retailing but it was also a chance to return to an old stamping ground and see how South West Rocks has changed over the years.’
    • ‘Nice too to see my old stamping ground, Northland.’
    hang-out, haunt, meeting place, territory, domain, purlieu, resort, den, retreat, favourite spot
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