Definition of stamped addressed envelope in English:

stamped addressed envelope


  • A self-addressed envelope with a stamp affixed, typically enclosed with a letter for an expected reply.

    • ‘Please send a cheque for the appropriate amount and made payable to Askham Bryan College Gardening Club to the above address together with a stamped addressed envelope.’
    • ‘Please include a stamped addressed envelope with your letter requesting an application form.’
    • ‘The idea is that you can order the CD on the Website, we will post the CD with a stamped addressed envelope and trust the customer to post back the money.’
    • ‘It is one of the biggest ever giveaways on local radio and all you have to do to enter is send in a stamped addressed envelope or telephone or text the Late Late Lunchbox with your name and the name and address of your workplace.’
    • ‘Mail questionnaires should always be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope or, at the very least, return postage.’
    • ‘Anyone seeking the rules governing the competition should enclose a stamped addressed envelope.’
    • ‘If you wish to have the photograph returned, enclose a stamped addressed envelope.’
    • ‘I have also enclosed a simple questionnaire along with a stamped addressed envelope in order for you to return the questionnaire to me.’
    • ‘If you would like your picture to be returned by post, then please also include a stamped addressed envelope.’
    • ‘Entries can only be returned if a suitable stamped addressed envelope is enclosed.’
    • ‘Please could you sign one copy of the terms and conditions of business where indicated on the final page and return the signed copy to this firm in the stamped addressed envelope also enclosed.’
    • ‘He has written 17 letters to local plumbers, enclosing stamped addressed envelopes to encourage replies.’
    • ‘They require a stamped addressed envelope with all cheques made payable to York City Football Club.’
    • ‘If you would like your poster returned, please include a stamped addressed envelope with your entry.’
    • ‘Your applications should be accompanied by two stamped addressed envelopes, one of which I will use to forward the seeds to you if successful.’
    • ‘These couples were given the same description of the study; if they agreed to participate, their forms were mailed to them with stamped addressed envelopes for return to the investigators.’
    • ‘If you include a stamped addressed envelope we will send you a car sticker, showing your support for the campaign.’
    • ‘All replies should be returned by February 10th in the stamped addressed envelope provided.’
    • ‘New members must bring an original birth certificate (not a photocopy) and a stamped addressed envelope.’
    • ‘Patients were asked to return a consent form to the practice by stamped addressed envelope or on their next visit.’


stamped addressed envelope

/ˌstampt əˌdrɛst ˈɛnvələʊp/