Definition of stamp hinge in English:

stamp hinge


  • A small piece of gummed transparent paper used for fixing postage stamps in an album.

    • ‘Subway has everything a stamp collector might need from stamp hinges to the highest quality deluxe hingeless albums.’
    • ‘Mounts are plastic sleeves into which stamps are inserted, and in comparison to stamp hinges they are quite expensive.’
    • ‘Can you still buy stamp hinges and do people still use them?’
    • ‘Use stamp hinges only on used stamps, or stamps that have already been mounted this way in an album before.’
    • ‘Still very popular the traditional stamp hinge should only be affixed to used stamps.’
    • ‘A satisfactory set of all four items, including a generous package of suitable stamp hinges, may be pur-chased from any stamp dealer or any place where stamps are sold for about one dollar.’
    • ‘Anytime a stamp hinge has to be removed from a stamp, the collector must proceed with great care.’
    • ‘The stamp hinge, a product used by most stamp collectors, was tested with very interesting results.’
    • ‘You may want to use stamp hinges, small adhesive corners to use to apply your stamps into catalogs or albums.’
    • ‘Now, the only way to attach a stamp to an album page is with a stamp hinge or a stamp mount.’
    • ‘These mounts costs more than the stamp hinges and are usually used to hold the more expensive kinds of stamps.’
    • ‘The lowly stamp hinge should really be enshrined in every stamp club the world over, for it is likely that philately would never have amounted to much without it.’
    • ‘Means such as a stamp hinge can be employed to detachably secure the rear surface of the selected stamp to this region on the rear surface of the card.’
    • ‘Good stamp hinges are peelable when completely dry and they are made of acid-free paper.’