Definition of staminode in English:



  • A sterile or abortive stamen, frequently resembling a stamen without its anther.

    • ‘Pistillate flowers have the same perianth but the number of parts is more variable; staminodes are well developed with or without a rudimentary anther.’
    • ‘The four fertile stamens, and one small, median staminode, are inserted between the bell-shaped and the tubular sections, where a girdle of long hairs has developed as nectar cover.’
    • ‘The staminode in other Asteridae families is on the adaxial side and a corolla lobe is the abaxial perianth organ.’
    • ‘In abnormal male flowers, stamens develop as carpelloid structures, whilst in abnormal female flowers, the staminodes (vestigial stamens) develop as pseudocarpel structures.’
    • ‘The cocoa flower has five free sepals, five free petals, five staminodes, five stamens and an ovary of five united carpels.’