Definition of stall turn in English:

stall turn


  • An aerobatic manoeuvre in which the aircraft climbs vertically before being stalled, when it turns on one wing into a dive.

    ‘I pulled up into a stall turn’
    • ‘The stall turn looks difficult, but it's actually fairly easy to learn.’
    • ‘Any stall turn takes the aircraft from its entry heading to its exit heading - a 180 degree change - in the time it takes the nose to yaw from straight up to straight down.’
    • ‘A variety of stall turns are possible by fractional rolling during the vertical line to the pivot point.’
    • ‘Travelling at speeds of up to 150 mph, the planes perform a stunning sequence of manoeuvres including loops, rolls and stall turns and low level flypasts.’
    • ‘This B - 25 was poorly maintained and he proceeded to do stall turns and steep dives in it, scaring the life out of me!’
    • ‘Doing consecutive rolls, flips, and stall turns was a walk in the park for this little guy.’
    • ‘At this year's air show the wing walkers plan to perform handstands on the wing 500 feet up and will wave through a sequence of loops rolls and stall turns.’
    • ‘Who needs turboprops and jet engines when you see a glider performing with such precision with energetic loops, stall turns and tailslides, to return on the ground right back where he started.’
    • ‘You do the stall turn off to one side; you can see the top of the plane as it goes through the maneuver.’
    • ‘I then pulled a few fast rolls, some more loops and some stall turns but using the collective to hold steady the vertical position in the wind.’
    • ‘Have a great time, and enjoy making loops, barrel rolls, and stall turns while you amaze your friends!’
    • ‘As a trainer, the new pilot can practice take offs and landings, touch and goes, figure 8 turns, stall turns and more.’
    • ‘Flying instructor Barry Weston said the first stall turn was not as accurate as he would have expected.’
    • ‘Carys, who answered the question correctly, was taken on a flight that included manoeuvres such as looping the loop, stall turns, Cuban eights, and much more.’
    • ‘You do loops and stall turns into the wind so the helicopter will climb better and the wind will help maintain lift.’
    • ‘The stall turn is a very pretty manoeuvre when performed properly but it does require good judgement and a model with an effective rudder.’
    • ‘The stall turn is a vertical turn, the aeroplane pulls straight up and as it loses speed pivots to point straight down before pulling out to straight and level flight.’
    • ‘I can do stall turns okay but for the most part I haven't been able to loop it yet or twist a barrel roll.’
    • ‘Pulling loops, barrel rolls and stall turns was a great way to finish a working day!’
    • ‘If you find you don't have quite enough energy for the second loop then immediately after the stall turn let the plane fall for just an instant longer for a little more energy.’